Terms and Conditions for Photography Workshop

Registration and Payment:

1.1 Participants must complete the registration process and submit the required payment to secure a spot in the workshop.

1.2 Payments are non-refundable unless otherwise specified.

1.3 The workshop fee covers only the specified services and does not include transportation, accommodation, meals, or any other expenses unless explicitly stated.

Participant Requirements:

2.1 Participants must be at least 18 years old or have written consent from a legal guardian to attend the workshop.

2.2 Participants are responsible for bringing their own camera equipment and accessories, unless otherwise provided or specified.

2.3 Participants must possess basic knowledge and skills in photography unless otherwise indicated.

Workshop Content:

3.1 The workshop content, including topics, schedule, and locations, will be outlined in the workshop description or provided separately.

3.2 The organisers reserve the right to modify the workshop content, schedule, or locations if necessary, but will provide advance notice to participants whenever possible.

3.3 Some of the workshops take place outdoors and it is up to the tutor to decide if the weather is suitable or not. (incase of rain, snow or dramatic change in weather). Under these circumstances the course fee in not refundable unless cancelled BEFORE the course commences. In such case a suitable date will be offered or refunded.

Conduct and Safety:

4.1 Participants are expected to behave in a respectful and professional manner towards the workshop organisers, instructors, staff, and fellow participants.

4.2 Participants must comply with any safety instructions provided by the workshop organisers or instructors.

4.3 The organisers and instructors will not be held responsible for any injury, damage, loss, or theft of personal belongings that may occur during the workshop.

Intellectual Property:

5.1 All workshop materials, including but not limited to presentations, handouts, and course notes, are protected by copyright and are intended for personal use only.

5.2 Participants are not allowed to reproduce, distribute, or use any workshop materials for commercial purposes without obtaining prior written permission from the workshop organisers or instructors.

Cancellation and Refunds:

6.1 The workshop organisers reserve the right to cancel or reschedule the workshop due to unforeseen circumstances. In such cases, participants will be offered the option to transfer their registration to a future workshop or receive a full refund.

6.2 Participants who wish to cancel their registration must provide written notice to the workshop organisers. Refund eligibility will be determined based on the refund policy specified during the registration process.

Limitation of Liability:

7.1 The workshop organisers, instructors, and staff will not be held liable for any indirect, incidental, consequential, or punitive damages arising out of or in connection with the workshop.

7.2 The total liability of the workshop organisers, instructors, and staff, if any, shall not exceed the total amount paid by the participant for the workshop.

Governing Law and Jurisdiction:

8.1 These terms and conditions shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the United Kingdom.

8.2 Any disputes arising from or in connection with these terms and conditions shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of the United Kingdom.

By registering for the photography workshops, participants acknowledge that they have read, understood, and agreed to comply with these terms and conditions.